#HeSmellsGood: Colin Farrell Talks ‘Taches, Waxing & Homemade Irish Stew

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  • The Hollywood A-Lister on moustaches, fragrance and his signature Irish stew

    When drawing up a list of potential male celebrities to interview Colin Farrell has to be right up there. The Irish actor has starred in some of our favourite films including Horrible Bosses and The Recruit… And how can we forget True Detective?

    Here, the actor talks to us about – amongst other things – moustaches and his ever-growing eyebrows…

    I had to grow a moustache for True Detective and The Lobster. In True Detective I was able to shave it off after the first three episodes, and it felt great! In The Lobster the moustache was a little more simple so it was easier to maintain.

    The hair and make-up process on a movie really depends on the role but I like to keep it simple and fast. The bald cap that I had to wear in Horrible Bosses was really hot but the hair and make-up crew on set were great so it was a fairly easy process for me.

    I never used to wear fragrance at all. And, then I smelt Dolce & Gabbana Intenso, £42 for 40ml edp. What I really like about it is that doesn’t over power you. It’s masculine but not musky and it doesn’t feel like it has the density of a cologne, it’s lighter than that.

    When it comes to women’s scents I’m really not into anything overwhelming. I like simple, light fragrances. Fragrances smell differently on people and it’s really about finding one that works just right for you.

    My grooming routine is really simple. I just use whatever I find in my cabinet, truly. I use an electric razor to shave and normally use a hydrating cream after to calm my skin. I do love a good moisturiser!

    My brows are large and I fear they’re just getting bigger through the years. I don’t do anything to them though – just keep them natural.

    I have never been asked to have my back or chest waxed for a film. Never! And I hope it will never happen!

    I love massages and using saunas. There’s a Russian bathhouse that I go to regularly in Los Angeles. Going to a sauna house is a nice way to kill a couple of hours. Life, for the majority of people and in the majority of cities around the world, can be quite hectic.

    When I shot Total Recall in 2012 I had to lift weights in order to put on muscle. That was for a film but mostly I just try to take good care of myself. I enjoy eating well and doing yoga which makes me feel fit. I try to hike as much as possible – something LA is great for.

    I find cooking quite relaxing. I make a great Irish stew and homemade Irish bread. I do love cheeseburgers, pizza and chocolate, but all in moderation. I do have watch what I eat.

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