HeSmellsGood: Behind The Scenes Video With Ricki Hall

Find out what happened when we got up close and personal with Instagram's hottest star Ricki Hall...

Find out what happened when we got up close and personal with Instagram's hottest star Ricki Hall...

Ricki Hall (if you don't already know) is an Instagram mega-star and jet-setting international male model (follow him on @rickisamhall). He was also the Rocker in our Marie Claire #HESMELLSGOOD campaign and was one of 6 hot guys who took part in Marie Claire’s biggest ever all male shoot. Swoon.

The December Issue Maire Claire (out now) involved a delightful day spent shooting 6 male models for our Boy Wonders feature, part of the #HESMELLSGOOD campaign. #HESMELLSGOOD is all about celebrating the rising popularity of male grooming and that celebratory feeling when you catch a whiff of a musky, manly scent or a fresh light fragrance that tickles your fancy...

Each of the guys on our shoot were unique in character, style and look. Our 6 models were the athlete, the clean one, the Dalston gent, the hippie, the country boy and the Ricki, the rocker. Ricki is definitely a roughed up kind of sexy, ‘I’ve always been inspired by pirates or people who are a bit naughty.’

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Ricki Hall is an Instagram superstar with a whopping 370,000 followers. He posts on average 3 times a day on everything from his latest tattoos or piercings and snippets of his healthy lifestyle including a strict diet and exercise regime. It’s no surprise that some of Ricki’s most liked Instagram posts include images of him working out at the gym when they look like this!

Famed for his bushy beard Ricki has even developed his own line of beard oil in collaboration with Captain Fawcett. Ricki’s Beard & Baccy oil is a gorgeous blend of essential oils with base notes of tobacco leaves and vanilla bean. His top tip? ‘Apply beard oil to a towel-dried beard it keeps the skin underneath hydrated.’

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