Men's Grooming Shoot

#HeSmellsGood: Behind The Scenes With 6 Hot Male Models

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  • Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a male model? Well, this is your chance to find out…

    The #HeSmellsGood campaign is all about celebrating the growing pride men are taking with their appearance and with their grooming habits. It’s about the fluttery feeling in your tummy caused by a great musky scent or that moment when you catch a whiff of a strong and sexy aftershave. Who doesn’t enjoy the benefits of a little TLC? We are definitely appreciating the men in our lives taking more pride in their appearance.

    As part of the team behind Marie Claire’s biggest all-male shoot we were feeling very smug when the guys behind our December Issue #HeSmellsGood campaign bundled into our North London studio on a bright autumnal morning. Happily for us a large part of the day involved the guys changing into (and out of) various outfits. There was also a particularly great half hour of the guys walking around topless for our cover shot.

    So now’s the time to sit back and enjoy our 20 questions video with these 6 hot male models about their grooming regimes, their favourite scents and hidden talents. As well as important issues such as favourite emojis…

    Get to know the guys behind our #HeSmellsGood campaign…

    Chris Poulter – The Athlete
    Ricki Hall – The Rock Star – check him out on Instagram too @rickisamhall (he has over 350K followers!)
    Elliot Conway – Mr Clean
    Joe Routlede – Country Boy
    Ibrahim Van Den Berg – Dalston Gent

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