Here’s How To Hone Your Braiding Skills

If you’re normally all fingers-and-thumbs when it comes to crafting an impressive looking braid then you need this book in your life.

I used to think that braiding skills had an affinity with the knack of creating a winged eyeliner and that you either possessed that skill or you didn’t. Sadly – just like the winged eyeliner – I fall into the camp of ‘pretty useless when it comes to braiding’. I can handle a simple three-strand number – but honestly, my six-year-old goddaughter mastered this years ago so I can hardly consider it an accomplishment – but anything more elaborate – a fishtail or a French plait, or, heaven forbid a waterfall braid – is just plain out of the question.

Thankfully our beauty writer Madeleine is a braider extraordinaire (a thing?) so I usually rely on her nimble fingers when I’m in the mood for a plait.

That said, I’m feeling more able now I’ve got my hands on the new Kérastase digital e-book ‘The Couture Book of Braids’. The downloadable book sets-out step-by-step instructions to create 30 different braids. We’re talking bridal, work appropriate, festival do’s, date braids, everything. It’s beautifully illustrated and this is the first time Kérastase have teamed-up with the illustrator Jessica Durrant.

You’ll find some handy Braiding Do’s and Don’ts (I learned a thing or two here!), a little expert advice on different types of braids and what hair type and length they lend themselves to, and even a breakdown of the tools and products you should equip yourself with before attempting your masterpiece. It’s a handy book to have.

The book coincides with the launch of Kérastase’s new Matérialiste, £19.50; a spray gel that instantly thickens your hair and makes for a plump braid (it gives a meagre ponytail a boost too).

Armed with my new knowledge I can manage the classic French braid (a little more practice and I’ll be a pro) and even can turn-out the ‘The Laid-Back Two-In-One Braid’.

With this book can rock a Mossy inspired braid. You can download the Kérastase Couture Book of Braids for free from here.   

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