Beauty Addicts, You're Going To LOVE This New Beauty Site

Finding the right foundation for your skin can be a beauty nightmare, but this new beauty site has got your back...

Finding the right foundation for your skin can be a beauty nightmare, but this new beauty site has got your back...

We all know it to be true, good make-up is built on the perfect (flawless) base.

But finding a foundation to achieve this can be a little difficult, just the thought of browsing endless beauty aisles and counters is enough to put anyone off.

Then you have think about what type of finish you’re after, will you go for a matte texture to beat the shine or are you after dewy glow?

And what about coverage? Are you a sheer kind of girl or do you prefer to layer up when it comes to foundation?

Let’s not even mention all the different types, first there came liquid, swiftly followed by the mousses, the mineral powders and now they even come in cushions.

And who could forget (though we do try) about the dilemma of matching one to your skin colour.

Just when you thought you’d found the one for you, it turns out they don’t have a colour that suits your skin tone.

Hello foundation tide-marks…

But before you give up the hunt for the perfect base, you might want to check out this new beauty site Powder.

It’s an edit of the absolute best of skincare and make-up out there, built to provide you with fast and personalised beauty recommendations based on your beauty wants, needs & budget.

All you have to do is join up (it's free) and answer a few quick questions about your beauty self and you’ll instantly be matched with the foundation you’ve been waiting for.

But it doesn’t stop there; you can also find your perfect cleanser, moisturiser, eye-cream, serum, mascara and concealer (with even more to come, we can’t wait for red lipstick to be added to the line-up)

Plus, each recommendation comes with expert tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the product.

Here’s to never having to walk miles of beauty aisles and leaving empty handed again.

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