face mapping

What is face mapping, and how does it tell you what your spots mean?

If you've got a spot, your skin might be trying to tell you something

Sadly, even the best of us get spots from time to time – but more often than not, they’re trying to tell us something. Face mapping is the art (for want of a better word) of working out why your skin has broken out based on the location of said spots.

So if you’ve just been tutting at your pimples and then smothering them with the best spot treatments and a load of concealer, you might have been missing vital information that your skin is trying to communicate.

Apparently your spots actually come with a message, and the key to decoding is where on your face they’re appearing; here’s how to use face mapping to get rid of them.

What do spots between your eyebrows mean?

Getting spots between your eyebrows is usually related to stress, or puberty. Stress can make your T-zone oily, blocking pores and causing spots (which probably make you even more stressed. Fun). Spots between your eyebrows could also be a sign that you’ve had a lot of alcohol recently – so great news if you’ve stuck to dry January, as your skin should be clearing up soon.

What do spots on your forehead mean?

This area is probably breaking out because of your diet. Unfortunately for those of us who like a late night burger on the way home, eating foods that are packed with saturated fats (we’re talking deep fried food rather than avocado here) will result in spots on your forehead. Drinking more water and staying hydrated are also thought to help with spots on your forehead.

What do spots on your temples mean?

Spots on your temples are likely to be caused by dehydration, which is easily cured by drinking a lot more water. Try reducing your salt and caffeine intake while you’re at it.

What do spots on your cheeks mean?

The chances are the culprit is your phone, or more specifically the millions of bacteria that are happily living on the screen. Think about it, you touch it all day, keep it in your handbag and put it down on random surfaces. It can also be down to eating too much meat, sugar and dairy, stress or respiratory problems, so if you’re a smoker, you’re out of luck.

What do spots on your chin mean?

This area is often linked to hormones, so if you’re stressed or ovulating, you’ll most likely break out in this area. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and lots of water, and try to integrate some of these ways to bust stress into your daily or weekly routines.

Spots on your chin could also signify that your diet hasn’t been so hot recently, so try upping your fruit, veg and water intake in a bid to get those spots to shift.

The good news is that all these problem areas have an easy fix thanks to face mapping. You can easily tackle them by drinking more water, eating more vegetables and keeping your skin clean. The bad news is that a lot of it is the exact advice your mum gave you as a teenager…

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