This is why one of your eyebrows is always on fleek (…and the other never is)

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  • As the famous saying goes, eyebrows are like sisters not twins, but sometimes we can’t even get ours to look related. Here’s why…

    Since Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne strutted their way into our lives, eyebrow shapes have been at the top of our priority list. So much so, eyebrow kits have made their way onto our desert island list, (almost) surpassing our beloved mascara.

    But even if our eyebrows are on fleek, one always looks better than the other.

    According to brow expert, Tonya Crooks – who defines the arches of Megan Fox, Eva Mendes and Fergie Ferg – there’s science behind that: In fact, the difference between our brows is down to our expressions and sleeping habits, not just bad luck.

    ‘Each brow has different muscle movement’, she explained to Pop Sugar recently. ‘Sometimes this is caused by what side [of your face]you’re sleeping on, [which can make] the muscles on one side weaker than the other. Sometimes it is due to how you naturally show expression.’

    Which is why the brow you can move the most is like your A-grade student, while the other is more likely to skip class.

    Don’t despair. With the help of a brow kit, you can even them out and create the perfect shape eyebrows for your face. Here’s how:

    1. Look at your brows in the mirror and work out where you need to add colour. For instance, one might need a darker tail, while the other might need a bit of colour on top.

    2. Take a brow pencil and with short, sharp strokes add hair-like flicks to the more sparse areas. Go lightly, because you can always build up (remember, you’re going for Cara brow – not Bert)

    3. Add volume with powder or brow mascara. Start at your arch, because this is where you want most definition and brush outwards. Then with the remaining powder or brow mascara, fill in the inner part of your brow.

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