The return of the curtain: Could the worst 90s hairstyle of all be making a comeback?

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  • Yup, we're talking about curtains...

    Quite a few looks caught our eye at Sunday night’s Golden Globes. There was Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy fringing, Channing Tatum’s emo side-parting, Kate Hudson’s ridiculously flat abs. But one thing really stood out above all of those: Brad Pitt’s curtains.

    Stepping on stage to present an award with Ryan Gosling (what a pairing), Brad appeared to have stepped into a hair time machine and transported himself right back to 1995.

    The trend for all things 90s has been gathering pace for a while, but we never thought curtains would join the parade. Remember how you used to feel in the 1990s when you saw David Beckham’s middle-parted hair flopping about the football pitch, or when you watched Nick Carter flick his curtains behind his ears, or when you saw the whole cast of Boy Meets World looking so full of teenage angst underneath all their glorious shiny bobs?

    Back then, you loved that hairstyle. Well, it’s funny how things change, isn’t it? Because chances are that when you now see a group shot of Take That or Backstreet Boys, with curtain hairstyle after curtain hairstyle on display, a distinct shudder goes through your body, and you say things like ‘oh, the 90s. We’ll probably cringe about our current hairstyles in 20 years’ and ‘it was so fashionable at the time, honestly’.

    worst 90s haircut

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    But hold on – what if curtains are making a comeback?

    Before you laugh and dismiss the very suggestion, have a look at the other celebs – besides Brad Pitt – who appear to be bringing on the revival:

    curtains haircut

    Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth stepped out at the premiere of his latest film, In The Heart Of The Sea, in London, with this floppy style that could be described as nothing other than fully-fledged 90s curtains.

    curtains hairstyle

    Liam Hemsworth

    This is Chris’s brother Liam Hemsworth in March 2015, standing onstage at Nickelodeon’s 28th Annual Kids Choice Awards. That’s right, 2015. He not only dared to display this look in public, he actually went onto a stage and wore the throwback ‘do with pride – in front of a whole audience of screaming girls who didn’t even mind.

    And it’s not just gorgeous Liam. In the last month Johnny Depp – who rocked curtains with panache throughout the 90s – has been spotted on the red carpet displaying his middle-parted floppy locks with pride.

    curtains hairstyle

    Johnny Depp

    And despite Johnny’s dishevelled look, there’s no denying that he’s displaying his curtains with pride.

    If you needed any further convincing that this look is firmly on the way back, take it from one of our favourite curtain-wearers of all time, Mr. David Beckham.

    The ultimate boss when it comes to looking sharp and stylish – and one of the UK’s strongest pioneers for the curtain – David stepped out at a charity football match displaying an admittedly sweaty take on his retro favourite.

    curtains hairstyle

    David Beckham

    We know that trends have a tendency to come back after years of condemnation and mockery – just take the high-waisted trouser, the denim jacket and the dungaree.

    We can’t believe curtains would ever really be back on the scene, but sometimes, miracles do happen. Just not always the miracles you want.

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