Copper Eye Make-Up: The New Beauty Trend That'll Make Your Peepers Pop

How to make metallic eyes work for you

Taylor Swift copper eye makeup at iHeart Music Awards 2016
Taylor Swift copper eye makeup at iHeart Music Awards 2016
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How to make metallic eyes work for you

Once reserved for redheads, copper coloured eye make-up has become one of the most versatile red carpet beauty trends, as demonstrated by Taylor Swift at the iHeart Music Awards last night.

Batting her lashes in style, Taylor hit the event sporting a subtle take on the trend, opting for a light metallic shade buffed into her lid and taken under the lower lash line too.

Flattering on most eye colours and skin tones, lighter shades of bronze and copper like Taylor’s are by far the easiest to wear, as they’re buildable, earthy and perfect for making your eye colour pop.

For the bold, of course there’s the russet version of the look as nailed by fellow squad member Gigi Hadid, but if you’re dipping your toe in? Make like Taylor Swift and follow our top copper eye make-up tips below…

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1. Find your shade Before committing to a copper shade, hold a few different hues next to your eyes in a mirror, to find the colour that best enhances your eyes. Though we’re all for rule breaking, blue eyes tend to look best with softer coppers that border on gold, green eyes look great with russets, while brown eyes tend to suit most shades. It’s best to use two colours here, one lighter for highlighting, and one darker for adding definition.

2. Lay a creamy base Cream textures are great for metallic shades, as they often tend to be more reflective, playing up to the true nature of the colour. Creams are also brilliant for giving your eye make-up staying power, so start by applying a layer of a darker copper cream shade to your lids, and blend it into the crease for definition.

3. Highlight and shine Next, apply your lighter copper shade over the lid, staying closer to the lash line than the crease. The more reflective the better for your second shade, as it will act as the highlighter to make your eyes pop. Look for a powder with plenty of reflective particles, or a liquid with plenty of shimmer or shine.

4. Line for definition Bring definition back to your eye shape by taking the lighter copper shade under your lower lash line. For a smokier look, blend a little of your darker copper shade into the corners. To finish, apply two coats of black mascara, and if you’re up for a little more drama, line your lids with a high gloss black liquid liner.

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