Adriana Lima’s secret to shiny hair is so easy

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    In our never ending quest for shiny hair, we’ll try just about anything. We’ve lathered it in mayonnaise. We’ve doused it in Argan oil. We’ve even resorted to combing through eggs. And while all of these have worked in their own, weird, wonderful way, we’re still all ears when it comes to hearing about new ways to get shiny hair. Especially when the hot tip comes from Victoria’s Secret angel, Adriana Lima.

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    So, how does she do it? ‘I take my conditioner and I leave it on for around 30 minutes under my shower cap. But sometimes I’ll do 45 minutes. I think the longer the better’, she told Into the GlossShe also recommends that you change your conditioner every so often. This way, your hair is getting different benefits for an all-round better look and feel. ‘If I use one continuously, my hair will get used to it. So I keep switching it’, she went on to say. ‘Right now I’m using the Victoria’s Secret Conditioner. I just used it this morning. I love the smell.’

    But the real tip is to mix your conditioner with avocado for one of the best hair masks you’ll ever use. According to her, this combination is actually very popular in Brazil – and obviously, very hip. ‘It leaves your hair super shiny. I’m not joking! And avocado doesn’t have a strong scent, so you won’t smell funny. I promise’, she said. 

    Once again, avocado comes to the rescue. Just like they do when they’re served to us on a plate next to eggs when we’re hungover.

    And the best part is, it doesn’t matter whether they’re deliciously ripe and green or brown and mushy. All the goodness and benefits of the avocado still remains. So we can still use it in our hair.

    Looks like we may not need that avocado time machine after all.

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