Barack Obama endorsed on Esquire magazine

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  • Esquire magazine endorses Barack Obama

    US Esquire magazine has made a stand and endorsed Barack Obama in its November edition, dubbed ‘The Endorsement Issue’.

    The grand gesture is the first endorsement in the magazine’s 75-year history and will hit newsstands just two weeks before the American elections. The Democratic nominee has already graced the title’s June cover.

    The magazine’s editors describe Obama as ‘the only possible choice to lead the country’ and encourage the nation to vote for the Illinois senator as the next president will influence the direction of the Supreme Court.’

    The article slams John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Bush administration. John McCain is blasted for becoming a ‘parody’ of himself and his campaign is branded ‘cheap and dishonerable’. While his running mate Sarah Palin is described as ‘stunningly unqualified’ and ‘having never taken a position of consequence on an issue of consequence before she was selected in the last days of August.’ 

    While the title has pledged its allegiance to Senator Obama, it is in part made because ‘a continuation of the Bush era is simply unthinkable’.

    ‘Bushism must be ripped out, root and branch, everywhere it has been established, or else the presidential election of 2008 is a worthless exercise in futility,’ the editors said.

    The magazine emphasises that it does hold frustrations with Obama’s candidacy too, but it remains hopeful that he can accomplish his goals.

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