Another Banksy record

A wall covered in Banksy graffiti has sold for £200,000 at auction

Graffiti artist Banksy’s place in the echelons of the art world appears assured: a wall covered in his work has just sold for more £200,000 at auction despite the fact the new owner has no way of getting it home.

The piece, emblazoned on a wall in London’s Portobello Market, shows an artist putting the final touches to a red spray-painted version of the artist’s famous signature.

It was sold on eBay for £208,100, after attracting 69 bids.

‘I am selling the wall because I can’t really justify owning a piece of art worth as much as it is,’ said Luti Fagbenle who owns the property.

The winner of the eBay auction now has to work out how to dismantle the wall, without ruining their new purchase, and have it delivered. They are also responsible for paying for a new wall to be built in its place.

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