This is the age women feel the sexiest

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  • Oh hey, Beyonce

    Feeling sexy is a strange thing isn’t it? What is exactly is sexy, and why is there no correlation between the times we feel sexy AF, and others when we just want one of the best sex toys to do their job and be done with it.

    House of Fraser has run a survey asking 2,000 women about when they feel sexy, what it is that gets them there, and at what age do they feel most confident.

    They found that the age in which we’re feeling like total bodacious babes is… 34.

    According to the research 64% of women in their mid thirties said they felt the most attractive at this age because their confidence grows as they get older; while 34% said it was because they were in a better relationship.

    When it comes to sex, 26% of women said they were more confident in the bedroom, and one in ten said their sex drive had increased since hitting their thirties.

    A spokeswoman for House of Fraser told Mail Online: ‘It’s great to see from the results of our research that so many women feel confident and sexy whatever their age, however it is interesting that 34 is the age we feel at the pinnacle of our sexual confidence.

    ‘The results have shown that modern women don’t need men to make them feel attractive and sexy and that they feel more confident surrounded by other women and fabulous style.’

    And 34 year old women are currently in good company, with the likes of Beyonce repping for their age group and looking sexier and more iconic than ever before.

    The best news about the survey is that women of all ages agreed on, is that sexiness isn’t about how you look. Three quarters of those poled said sexiness is more about feeling in control of your life, while 84% said it’s feeling happy about yourself regardless of how you look.

    We can definitely see Beyonce getting on board with that.

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