A third of Britons aged 25-39 still live at home with their parents

Economic factors could be to blame as more adults return to the family home

Mother and older daughter
Mother and older daughter
(Image credit: REX)

Economic factors could be to blame as more adults return to the family home

A survey has found a third of Britons aged 25-39 are still living with their parents.

However this is unlikely to be due to laziness - although one in 10 say

they still live at home because their parents clean up after them,

economic factors, such as widespread unemployment and rising costs of

living, could be to blame.

Research by Confused.com also showed that a quarter admit they lack basic skills for living on their own and nearly half of men leave their laundry to somebody else to do.

63 per cent are delaying starting a family.

The survey of 2,000 adults found almost half of 18-39 year olds are in debt of more than £9,000 excluding mortgages.

With renting at an all time high and the increased difficulty for young adults to get their feet on the property ladder, it seems to be more people may have moved home to save money.


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