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  • Travel, great benefits and no glass ceiling, the British Army offers much more than you realise...


    Want to embrace an exciting new career this year? If you’re ready for a fresh challenge and ambitious, then the British Army could be exactly what you’re looking for. But what’s life like? Sergeant Sarah Grosvenor-Jones, 28, a Human Resources Specialist currently working with 3 Para, busts some common myths…

    1. Isn’t an Army career more suited to men?
    ‘No way! Most Regiments and Corps have lots of women soldiers and officers. I’m currently with the Paras, which is the exception because there are only four women. Despite that, I’m treated no differently to the Men.’

    2. Does being in the Army make family life difficult?
    ‘No, the Army gives you great stability and financial security. The only downside is being away from your family and friends at times. I’m married to a woman called Katy and we have a baby daughter Bea-Elizabeth. Having to do a posting while she was just a few months’ old was hard, but Katy is strong and, because we live on base, she had support from all the other wives – the Army is like one big family.’

    3. Is the Army all about fighting and tough discipline?
    ‘Not at all. When I was in Afghanistan, the campaign was all about winning hearts and minds – we weren’t there to fight but to make life better for the people there. My job is actually office-based – I’m not on exercises 24/7, though having physical exercise built into my day means I get the best of both worlds. For me, the Army is all about opportunity. I’ve been to 15 countries, made good friends, learnt so much and had great experiences like playing sport for my Corps in South Africa.’

    Always recruiting for more than 200 diverse roles, the Army is an equal opportunities employer, which offers salaries according to rank, not gender. There’s also a non-contributory pension, 38 days annual holiday, maternity packages and subsidised learning. You can even join the Army Reserve and get paid to train in your spare time.

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