Your career is actually determined by how many siblings you have

Who knew?

Who knew?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

If you've managed to secure your dream job, you probably think that it's all down to you. But you're wrong - you actually have your siblings (or lack of) to thank.

That's right. All of your favourite authors, all those space-loving astronauts, and even your favourite musicians - the jobs that they've picked for themselves were more likely to be influenced by how many siblings they have, and the order in which they were born.

We're forever reading about how being the first, middle or youngest child affects various parts of your life, but now a study has revealed that it actually impacts your career path too.

In order to celebrate National Sibling Day, Disney did some digging into the lives of 500 'successful' participants from 11 different career pools.

According to the study, the eldest child is more likely to be a rockstar, astronaut or reality TV star. The youngest children are more inclined to pursue careers composing music and exploring.

And what of the middle children? They're 30% more likely to become a CEO than their brothers or sisters, and up to 66% more likely to be authors.

An interesting part of the study shows that artists are a staggering 181% more likely to be only children.

Who knew that siblings weren't just there to pinch you when your mum wasn't looking?

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