Think you’re a team player? Take this quiz to see which office tribe you belong to

Find out if you really would share your last Rolo with the office assistant…

Words by team building expert, Steph Baker 

You and your team are finding 
it difficult to meet a deadline. What do you do?

Debrief as a group and delegate new tasks
Become frustrated that you’re the only one getting things done
Estimate a new deadline and draw 
a graph to project results

A teammate has taken praise for a project you’ve invested more time and energy in. How do you react?

This situation would never apply 
to someone like you
Subtly raise it with your manager 
so your efforts are noted
Collate evidence to prove you had exactly 51 per cent input

A new team member has joined. How do you introduce yourself?

Let them know they can ask you if they need anything
Shake their hand and secretly hope they’re not lazy
C) Stalk their profile on Facebook

Mostly A: Leader
Confident and outgoing, leaders are decisive, authoritative and good team motivators.
Needs to work on: Taking advice and criticism from others, and not feeling pressure to always get it right.

Mostly B: Implementer
Implementers are great at turning ideas into realities 
and getting on with a project instead of just talking about it.
Needs to work on:  They can 
be impatient so implementers tend to make more mistakes 
than other team members.

Mostly C: Researcher
Researchers are good communicators and are more methodical in their approach than other team members.
Needs to work on: Maintaining a balance because they expend more energy with fewer results, and their enthusiasm can wane.

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