happiness at work

This is how successful women achieve happiness at work

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    Compiled by Kiera Chapman

    happiness at work

    Gabrielle Bernstein is a motivational speaker, life coach and author of The universe has your back: a 52-card deck (artwork by Micaela Ezra)

    Measure your success based on how much fun you’re having. This will give you more energy, inspiration and enthusiasm for your work.

    Offer good vibes to your co-workers. It’s important to be compassionate towards your colleagues, especially those who drive you nuts. If someone is challenging you, it’s a reflection of their inner turmoil; instead of resisting their negativity, offer to help them out.

    Be open to possibilities to find happiness at work. The next time you come up against a block in your career, say to yourself ‘this obstacle is an opportunity for growth.’

    happiness at work

    Cassie Mendoza-Jones, business coach and author of It’s all good: How to trust and surrender to the bigger plan

    Find out when you do your best work. If your focus and concentration is sharper in the morning, and your strategy and creative mind is more active in the afternoon, plan your day around this. It’ll allow you to work with the natural rhythms and cycles of your body, energy and mental concentration, and will help you feel in flow with your work.

    Look at your to-do list for the week and try to split it evenly, but realistically, across the days. If you give yourself seven main tasks to complete in a day, and then don’t get through them, you’ll wind up feeling unproductive.

    Keep a clear and beautiful work space. Buy a gorgeous mug and invest in an indoor plant. If you love your environment, you will feel happier doing your work.’

    happiness at work

    Ann McCracken, author of How To Get Back Your Mojo By Understanding Your Inner Gremlin

    ‘Challenges can be moments of conflict or moments of opportunity – the choice and outcome is yours. Nobody is immune to life’s challenges, but the way you deal with them is key. Ultimately, happiness at work is found through self-awareness, as the only person who can change your situation is you.

    Be clear about the demands of your job, including the level of workload, work patterns and environment. This will help you achieve a sense of happiness at work, which makes us more productive and effective.

    Ensure you offer and get support from your colleagues and line manager when you need it. Your relationships from colleagues should be free from unacceptable behaviour, and you should expect organisational change to be managed and communicated effectively’

    happiness at work

    Anna Gibson, co-founder of Micro Scooters UK

    ‘Make your business about something you love. Having genuine passion for your product will naturally lead to others investing in it too.

    Never ever compromise on a healthy work/life balance. At Micro Scooters, we encourage flexi-hours so that our employees can work around the school run, and we also promote a ‘switch your phone off when you leave work,’ policy. Family time is sacred.

    Celebrate, promote and innovate. Celebrating special occasions, birthdays and achievements make a huge difference to your staff. When we started our journey ten years ago there were very few children scooting. Fast forward to today and over one million children regularly scoot the school run. This sense of achievement is inherent in everything we do.’

    happiness at work

    Cara Alwill Leyba, author of Girl Code: Unlocking the secrets to success, sanity and happiness for the female entrepreneur

    ‘Happiness begins with us. We need to let go of the idea that our happiness is determined by external circumstances, such: as our boss, our clients, our projects or our office. We can create happiness at work by creating experiences that inspire us and make us feel good.

    Reach out to your co-workers. Set up a Friday evening happy hour, a long lunch once per month or a speaker series. Feeling like part of a team increases feelings of happiness at work.

    Take the lead. If you’re an entrepreneur, find like-minded people to spend time with. Having the support of others will change the game for you.’

    happiness at work

    Maria Hatzistefanis, CEO and founder of Rodial and Nip + Fab and author of How to become an overnight success

    ‘I get myself motivated so I can motivate my team. I give myself 2 hours to get energized for the day ahead. I catch up on social media, and I  always fit in 45 minutes of exercise. Then I  come up with a plan of which areas in the business I need to focus on and who/what needs my attention.

    Make time for regular brainstorming sessions. Once a quarter I bring everyone at the office together and we brainstorm new products, campaigns and ways to drive our sales. Everyone gets involved and leaves the meeting energized knowing they are contributing to the success of Rodial.

    Share your achievements with your family. During school holidays, I bring my two boys to the office for a day or two so they understand what I do when I am at work.  It’s great to have them around and they are fascinated by all the action.’

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