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Cointreau Are Offering £20,000 To A Creative Young Entrepreneur

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Cointreau Are Offering £20,000 To A Creative Young Entrepreneur

Fancy winning £20,000 to fund a new business?

La Maison Cointreau and French Model Laetitia Casta have joined forces to announce the official launch of the Cointreau Creative Crew £20,000 Grant Scheme. Part of a worldwide philanthropist programme, it will see the drinks company champion creative minds across the coutntry, and encourage them to make their dreams a reality.

Casta - the face of the campaign,who herself is fulfilling her dream of making a film with the support ofCointreau says she wanted to ‘inspire women to dare to be themselves' andfulfil their lifelong goals. 

‘All great women ofour time achieved great things because they dreamt, dared and created' she says. "We launched the Cointreau Creative Crew to reveal your creativity, in order foryou to achieve your dreams.’

The £20,000 grant is open toanyone who expresses ‘creativity and passion’ in their area of expertise,whether it be art, music, design, film, food, or cocktails.

The judging panel awarding themoney will be comprised of a team of experts across the philanthropic andartistic industries, including actress Eva Longoria and entrepreneur KellyHoppen. Casta has also partnered with anetwork of creative industry leaders, including Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO’syoungest Artists for Peace, and Nick Ede, an established fashionphilanthropist, to promote the initiative. Both will contribute to aseries of “webisodes” aimed at inspiring women to reach their creativepotential.

Want to make a winning pitch? Cointreau are looking for the most innovative, avant-garde, ambitiousidea out there under the inspiring banner: Dream, Dare, Create. All you have todo is write about your talent and how you feel the £20,000 Cointreau Grantwill help you to achieve your dreams ( in 500 words). But you must be 25 yearsold to apply.

The Finale will take placeon the 24th May 2016 in Central London, when a Grand Jury will meet with theten finalists in person, before crowning the winner. Closing date for entriesis 15 April 2016

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