Career dilemma: How to get a pay rise

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  • Marie Claire’s Success Coach, Sharron Lowe, shares her tips and tricks on broaching the scary subject of salary

    For the past three years my pay has been at a standstill. Without a formal structure in place to talk about these things with my boss, I find it extremely difficult to broach the subject. What else can I do?

    ‘You sound hesitant and apprehensive, so let’s change your attitude to a positive one, where you feel confident and focused.

    Begin by asking yourself: ‘What are my strengths? What do I contribute? What are my key responsibilities? How can I be more effective and contribute more?’ Write down all your responses.

    Next, arrange a meeting. Don’t use a closed question, like, ‘Can I see you about…?’ Instead, say, ‘I’d like to talk to you. Can you spare 20 minutes now or do you want to arrange a time this afternoon?’

    In the meeting, state your position clearly, share your strengths and contributions, and ask your boss to discuss the option of moving forward and how she/he can support you.

    There are many approaches to achieving a salary increase, so it pays to think creatively. For example, do you see an opening for a title change? What about receiving a bonus in lieu of a salary increase?

    Perhaps your company could contribute to your travel costs. Would they consider allowing you to work reduced hours if no increase is available?

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