7 Ways You Can Change Your Career And Get A Job You Love

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  • Whether you find yourself dreading each day at work, or just want to try something new. It is never too late to change jobs and get a career that makes you happy.

    33-year-old Anouska Knight worked as an interior designer before having two sons, she then started her own special occasion cake business after discovering she loved baking for her kids. When business went downhill in 2012, she decided to focus on writing a novel, she won a competition run by Lorraine Kelly and has had her book published by Mills&Boon, with a further two book deal.

    Here are her top tips for being brave and changing careers:

    1. Be passionate. Ask yourself what turns you on, and get your teeth into it. Passion is key.

    2. Don’t expect everything to fall into place just because you’ve got the passion down. You can have it all, but it may not all be at the same time.

    3. Take support where you can find it. You can’t actually do everything on your own, and genuine support is usually free, anyway.

    4. Peaks and troughs. Some days you’ll win, others you’ll spend shaking in a corner. Every day you’ll learn, though.

    5. Don’t be frightened to go backwards, it’s not failure. You’re beating a path through unchartered territory, sometimes it’s necessary to go back in order to find another way around.

    6. If you see anything that looks remotely like an opportunity, jump on that bad boy’s back and wrestle it to the ground, giving absolutely no credence to the grimaces of naysayers. They’ve probably never had a brave thought in their lives.

    7. Work hard. Anything that’s worth having, is worth working your ass off for.

    Since You’ve Been Gone is available from all good retailers, RRP £6.99.

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