3 New Exercise Classes That Are ACTUALLY Fun. We Promise

If your exercise routine is getting more repetitive and dull by the week, try one of these fabulously fun new workouts instead.

Fitness Freak Rave
Fun Factor: This aerobics session is styled as a rave, with a DJ and tons of glow sticks.
Why it’s great for you: Expect a pumping routine, with a mix of cardio, conditioning, toning and stretching.
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Gorilla Circus – Flying Trapeze School
Fun Factor: Learn how to fly through the air, and even do tricks. At the end of the class, get caught by an instructor on a separate bar.
Why it’s great for you: You’ll improve your strength and flexibility, while learning a new skill to boast about.
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Just Jhoom!
Fun Factor: Learn how to move like a Bollywood film star with a class that combines traditional Indian dance moves with hip-hop, jazz and jive.
Why it’s great for you: This high-energy class will lengthen your limbs and burn calories fast.
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