12 career tips from Team Marie Claire #PassItOn

Discovered the secret to career success? Time to #PassItOn to other women

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Discovered the secret to career success? Time to #PassItOn to other women

It was Gloria Vanderbilt who said, ‘I’ve always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.’ And we couldn’t agree more. This is why Marie Claire is kicking off our #PassItOn campaign to encourage women everywhere to share their tips for career success on social media. Think of it as a sisterly passing on of the baton, if you will. Because if one woman discovers a secret tactic or coping mechanism for being the best she can be at work, then we can all benefit from it.

To launch the #PassItOn campaign, we asked Team Marie Claire to share one important life lesson that they’ve learnt over the course of their career. Please share your own advice with us using #PassItOn

Seize every opportunity

'It may seem like a waste of time, but I think you should go to every job interview that comes up, even if you’re not interested in the role. You never know where it might lead. And if you're not happy in your job, don't get resentful, just get a new job.' Miranda McMinn, deputy editor

Consider everyone's opinions

'I always think it's so important not to say a flat out no to anyone's ideas. If they aren't quite right, build on them and mould them so it feels like a team effort. That's how you end up getting the best out of people.' Phoebe Sing, creative director

Don't focus on the obstacles

'If you're working on an idea or project, do everything you can to make it work rather than focussing on the obstacles. I spent the formative part of my career in newspapers where I was always being given seemingly impossible tasks to turn around in record time. There was no time to be negative. That stuck with me. So much of life is about having the right mindset, using your initiative, believing it will work and just getting on with it.' Andrea Thompson, features director

Say yes as often as you can

'Try to say yes instead of no wherever possible (within reason!). A can-do attitude will get you everywhere.' Jess Wood, fashion features director

Never stop learning

'That often means throwing yourself into unfamiliar territory, putting your hand up to help with something outside of your remit, and talking to – and crucially, listening – to the people around you. Look for the opportunities in every conversation you have and be interested in every new person you meet. And when the proverbial hits the fan? Remember that tomorrow is another day.' Tracy Ramsden, features editor

It's OK to have a wobble

'Everybody in their job secretly feels like a bit of a fraud – don't be held back by "imposter syndrome".' Lucy Pavia, entertainment editor

Be yourself

'It's important to still be you when you're at work. Putting on a 'work persona' every day is not only exhausting, it stops you building proper relationships with people because you're essentially only acting.' Sophie Qureshi, acting beauty and style director

Persevere. And then persevere some more

'You’ll get a lot of nos in any tough industry. But keep going and when you hit an obstacle, keep going some more until you overcome it.' Abisoye Odugbesan, acting junior fashion editor

Be vocal about your worth

'I think it's archaic to think that talking about money is vulgar, so whether it’s discussing your salary expectations before you begin, or knowing your worth when on the job, it’s so important for there to be transparency. No one is going to sack you for asking for more. Holly Rains, digital deputy editor

Determination gets you anywhere

'If you have a goal, focus on it 100% and put everything you have into achieving it. I have noticed that if you work really hard at something, people will always notice and you will be remembered and rewarded. People are often surprised by some of the things that I achieve, mistaking it for luck, it's not – it's hard, hard work but it is completely worth it.'

Jenny Proudfoot, features assistant

Keep your CV updated

'A HR manager once told me to update your CV as you go along, whenever you are given a new project and have accomplished a new achievement. Otherwise you will forget them when you find you actually need your CV.'

Alison Williams, editorial business manager

Say what you really think

'When I was first starting out in this industry as an intern, I felt self conscious about sharing my ideas in big meetings, but my husband told me: "Always voice your ideas, even if you think they’re weird or no one will get them, they might end up being the spark that starts a bonfire." It’s now the piece of advice I always pass on to budding beauty journos.' Natalie Lukaitis, digital beauty editor

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