These are the weirdest things people have left in their Uber

So THAT's where I left my lobster


So THAT's where I left my lobster

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

How many times have you been on a night out, drunkenly ordered an Uber and woke up the next morning thinking, 'Oh damn it! I left my smoke machine in the car!'

No? Never? Well someone out there has, because the cab company released a list of the most bizarre things that have ever been left in one of their cars and, yes, an actual smoke machine was on it.

And that's not even the weirdest. They report that they've also found a lobster, a chair (?), and - rather sinister - a bulletproof vest.

Uber has launched a new Lost & Found Index of things that have been forgotten with a video explaining how to retrieve your lost goods, and with it we have learned that people have left some VERY strange things with their drivers.

Our favourites?

A Vacuum

A Cape

A sweet potato care package

The full list is as follows (and if you're the person behind the 'back massage device', well... )

Valuable Nordic walking poles Paintings Lobster Sweet potato care package Pay cheque Guitar Engagement ring Rubber mallet School papers Chair Laser Hot Cheetos Notary bag Pool stick Smoke machine Pearl earrings Wedding outfit Hard drive Stroller Bulletproof vest Crime & Punishment (book) Valium Grill set Meat packet Corn hole boards Wooden hat Lottery ticket Back massage device Rose quartz Mustard Bible Elf cut-out Tap handle Expensive slipper Harry Potter glasses Salsa Verde* Kite Cape Potted plant Nintendo Dog sweater Contact lenses Diary Tickets Arm sling Taser Vacuum Jewellery box Money bag Violin

*(We'd be gutted if we lost our Salsa Verde, too, tbh)

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