Uber Food Delivery Is Coming, Guys. And It's EVERYTHING

There are already 12 cities signed up around the world - stomachs crossed yours will be next...

Ryan McGuire

There are already 12 cities signed up around the world - stomachs crossed yours will be next...

Credit: Ryan McGuire/StockSnap.io

If you think about it too carefully, the current trend for getting ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING delivered ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE is kind of horrifying. The world is overheating, our muscles are wasting away, and still, the prospect of getting your Pret sandwich delivered to your desk is just so tempting. Just think of all the time you'll save by getting to stay there on your swivelly chair all day long! Just think of all the friends-of-friends-from-2002 who you can stalk on Instagram! Just think of how warm and comforting the folds of your stomach will feel, without having uncrumple and straighten-out for eight hours straight!

No surprise then, that Uber are cashing in on our inherent laziness and frankly disgusting approach to global warming with their new delivery service, UberEats.

And we can't wait.

Operating as a separate app to Uber, UberEats will pick up and deliver food from restaurants across your city, in much the same way as Deliveroo. Eggs Benedict in bed? No problem! Byron Burgers in the bath? Fine! One plate of Dim Sum from every restaurant in China Town, simply because you want to compare and contrast the squidgyness of their Ha Gau before making a dumpling spreadsheet that rates them 1-10? Coming up.

Cities who have signed up already include...

- Atlanta - Austin - Chicago - Dallas - Houston - Los Angeles - New York - Paris - San Francisco - Seattle - Toronto - Washington, D.C.

No news on whether French Ubers will deliver to London via the Eurostar, but we're just going to assume they're up for it.

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