This is how much you’re meant to spend on a wedding present

*Returns porcelain dog*

wedding present
wedding present
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*Returns porcelain dog*

In a non-groundbreaking thing to say: Being a wedding guest is really expensive. And among the outfit, accommodation and travel, there is the huge factor of the wedding gift.

While you obviously want to get the couple something nice they’ll actually use, you also don’t want to break the bank, or be seen as a cheapo. It’s a predicament.

The Wedding Shop surveyed 2,000 people on how they chose presents and identified some of the pitfalls.

‘The majority of guests want to spend enough money to look generous, but don’t always have the funds readily available,’ says director The Wedding Shop, Anne-Marie Jenkins.

‘When a couple asks for money instead of a gift it’s often perceived that this will be an easier option for guests struggling to decide what to buy, however this can make it even harder for guests as they’re then forced to divulge exactly how much they are spending.

‘This is why we’ve seen the trend for honeymoon contributions experiencing a great surge of late.’

So what did the survey find?

Well, if you’re looking to have a wedding on the cheap, than don’t expect the gifts to be on the expensive side, with a third of guests saying that if the wedding looks ‘posh’ than they’ll be more likely to splash the cash. Similarly if the bride and groom are paying for food, drink and accommodation, then there’s a 65% chance that guests will dig deep when paying for gifts.

However, if you really want to be quids-in when receiving a wedding present, you just need to be a really close family member or best mate, with 90% of those asked revealing that they will always spend a lot on those who they are especially fond of.

Take a look at the list below and hopefully have your present spending qualms solved forevermore…

1.Your sibling – £79 2.Grandchild – £79 3.Your parent – £72 4.Partner’s parent – £65 5.Best friend – £65 6.Your partner’s sibling – £63 7.Good friend – £40 8.An aunt – £38 9.An uncle – £38 10.Your cousin – £37 11.Your partner’s cousin – £33 12.Your partner’s friend – £30 13.Friend of the family – £27 14.Second cousins – £26 15.The boss – £24 16.Your neighbour – £22

Sorry bosses, looks like you should’ve thought twice about that 1% pay rise after all.

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