destination wedding cost hacks

How to attend a destination wedding on the cheap

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  • Sunny beaches, here we come

    There’s nothing more wonderful than celebrating your friend’s wedding, especially if it’s somewhere gorgeous on a sunny day and accompanied by one hell of a party.

    Unfortunately, they’re not cheap affairs and typically British wedding guests spend a crazy amount of money on outfits, gifts, travel and more so you’ll want to find ways to pinch pennies when a destination wedding rolls around.

    Luckily, we were able to grab travel operators and find out what their best destination wedding cost hacks for guests were. It all comes down to timing and resourcefulness, check out the tips below.

    Book early

    When it comes to travelling on a budget, don’t wait around. As soon as the dates have been confirmed, start booking flights – they’re only going to get more expensive. It’s a good idea to ignore the online myths like waiting ten days before your flights or booking on a Tuesday to get the cheapest prices. The best way you can ensure an excellent deal is to get it sorted as soon as possible to avoid any last minute price hikes – not to mention it’ll be one less thing to worry about!

    destination wedding cost hacks

    Be flexible

    Flight prices do increase depending on the times and dates you fly out. Study the cheapest times to fly and try booking your flights around these times. You might have to catch a bleary-eyed flight at 2am, but at least you’ll shave a significant amount off the price tag.

    Fly to a different airport

    Flying to a different airport might counter intuitive, but a flight to a nearby terminus could save you a packet. If you were planning to hire a car anyway, this makes complete sense – even better, organise a carpool so everyone can share the cost of the transfer to the destination. Or why not give local transport a go? You’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings and if you arrive even earlier, you’ll have time to relax before the main event.

    Book in a group

    If there’s a group of friends going, speak to your travel agent and see if they do group discounts. Even if there might not be a reduction in costs, it’s sometimes more convenient because you might get other perks like paying instalments, a dedicated travel operator and most importantly – you’ll be able to sit together on the flight.

    Share a hotel room

    If you’re not travelling with a partner, see if a friend wants to share a room – or if you’re feeling really fancy, a suite. It will work out significantly cheaper than individually booking a single room in a hotel and you’ll have a bigger room too. Plus, weddings in a different country are a lot more fun with a partner-in-crime.

    Pack smart

    This might not be possible in every situation, but if you’re trying to be thrifty then avoid those check-in baggage costs. Travel light by packing everything into a holdall that adheres to the airline’s dimensions. Alternatively, why not share a case with another member of the party. Airlines generally have a generous allowance which gives you ample space to both pack all your essentials – be sure to double check your airlines allowance as overweight baggage fees can be killer!

    Wedding gifts

    Be sensible when deciding on a wedding gift. Although you might want to buy the perfect present for your loved one’s special day, it can seriously make a dent in your baggage allowance if it’s too big or too heavy. Buying vouchers or pre-booking activities for honeymoons can be just as thoughtful – the newlyweds will be able to make some beautiful memories without having to figure out how to bring that coffee machine back to the UK.

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