9 Real Life Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Even The Coldest Hearts

These are the most epic YouTube proposals of all time. Who says romance is dead?

1. The guy who proposed every day for a year

This chap filmed himself proposing every day for a year and edited it all into a video, which he surprised his girlfriend with on holiday. In Aruba. At sunset. The Internet has gone nuts for it. It’s pretty cheesy, if you ask us, but you can’t deny the man’s dedication.
Lovely Day lothario

This romantic chap decided that the 19:57 from Euston was the perfect platform to pop the question to his then-girlfriend, and got an entire tube carriage to sing her this Bill Withers classic on her way home from work. Talk about a commute to remember… 

3. The Bruno Mars breakdown
Remember Isaac Lamb’s adorable live lip-synched proposal that went viral in the summer of 2012? Of course you do, you’re still welling up at the thought of it. Why not have a re-cap at the friends and family-filled flashmob that went on to inspire a whole legion of copycat Marry You proposals… 

4. The talented movie man 

Back in 2011, Matt Still convinced his girlfriend Ginny to take a jolly trip to the cinema one day. What she didn’t know was that the film trailer she was about to watch while she waited for the action to kick off would change her relationship status forever. No words.

5. The unexpected newsflash 

While reading an autocue, Alabama news anchor Jillian Pavlica got some breaking news of her own. Tricked into announcing your own marriage proposal? Nifty work, we say.

6. The tale of the Dancing Queen

Quite possibly one of the most infuriating proposals of all time… But trust us when we say it’s well worth hanging on in there for the entire 26.59 minutes. The planning and the rehearsal time put into this proposal really is commendable. We laughed, and then we cried. 

7. The Trousersnake edition 

Let’s be honest – if Justin Timberlake himself set it up, you know you’d say yes. 

8. When in Rome… 

It helps that these two are insanely good-looking, but Garth’s video-documentary of his journey to proposal-hood really is off-the-scale adorable. And don’t even get us started on that weepy soundtrack… 

9. Christmas at Liberty London 

Okay, so this is my brother’s, and I’m biased. But I defy you not to have a teeny tiny cry. 

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