Samsonite Cyber Monday, get ready for your 2021 holidays with 60% off suitcases

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2020 was the year for staying home and local. So with 2021 (and a vaccine) on the horizon, getaways (local and abroad) finally seem possible. So, when I saw that Samsonite were celebrating Cyber Monday with up-to 66% off their classic suitcases and carry-ons I just had to share the best deals with you.

Samsonite suitcases rarely go on offer, let alone get discounted this much so it's a great opportunity to shop the brands spacious cases for less. I always carry my Samsonite carry on with my on every trip, no matter the duration of the stay. I've had mine for years and years, pre-Covid it frequently flew from London to LA and even managed a few camping holidays in Cornwall. It's been pulled through airport terminals, tube stations and fields without ever developing a squeak.

Shop: Away suitcases for less

Designed with over-packers, like me, in mind. Samsonite's lightweight cases really maximise on space. The brands hard-cases are perfect for protecting your luggage during long haul travel. Robust yet sleek the Flux and S'Cure are both streamlined and practical with hard, waterproof exteriors and secure zip close compartments inside.

The easy to pull top handle of the Aeris might make it my favourite.

Samsonite Cyber Monday deals

I'll be honest, just looking these cases up has me excited for a holiday. Bring on 2021!

Sarah-Rose Harrison

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