10 Reasons To Get Into Skateboarding As An Adult

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  • Does this mean we'll be more like Cara Delevingne?

    1. Take your fitness regime to a whole new level – skateboarding is a great form of exercise for your whole body. Carving the streets will give your core a proper work out, which is great news for your waist, while all that pushing is sure to work up a real sweat, burning 200-500 calories per hour. What’s not to love?

    2. Challenge yourself – Learning a new skill is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Sure it may be a bit challenging at first but the pay off is so worth it. After all, not only will skateboarding help make you stronger and fitter, but your coordination will soon improve and you will have learnt a new skill. If you’re nervous, start with an easy ride on a larger surface (we recommend the new Penny Longboard, which had us gliding round the office with ease!)

    3. Low cost, high fun – We all want to hang out with our friends but shopping sprees, long lunches and a day at the spa can quickly add up. Instead, why not grab your friends and surf the pavements together? All you need is yourself, a skateboard and a smooth surface. With all these savings you’ll have that Alexander Wang bag in no time.

    4. All the cool kids are doing it – Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Salena Gomez, Pink; even Katherine Hepburn was down to skate. No longer just for kids who want to hang in skate parks, skateboarding has become a legitimate mode of transport and good times. So take a leaf out of these gals’ books and give it ago.

    5. Self-expression – Skateboarding can be seen as an art form, a lifestyle, and a culture. And key to all of this is self-expression. You decide how you want to ride and what you want to ride.

    6. Freedom – Alongside self-expression, skateboarding brings about a real sense of freedom. Whether you love surfing pavements, cruising beach promenades or hitting hills hard and fast, skateboarding is all about letting go of your worries and just living in the moment. There are no rules when you’re on wheels: Anything goes!

    7. Discovery – Make the concrete jungle your urban playground. Getting outside and traveling through the city on your skateboard will soon have you looking at the urban landscape in a completely different way. “Could I skate down that hill?” “That multi-storey car park would be ideal to ride on!” You have been warned, it will get addictive.

    8. Transport – Why walk when you can skate… for free! Some brands like Penny Skateboards are even creating backpacks to store your board when it isn’t under your feet. Get skating and say bye-bye to Oyster cards / expensive parking / sore feet.

    9. Timeless – Skateboarding has had an enduring appeal since it’s inception. It is a sport for every generation and on any given day throughout the UK, skateboarders of all ages are riding their way to happiness. Join them.

    10. Fashion – Skate culture is permeating fashion from the streets to the catwalk. Even if you’ve never set foot on a skateboard, chances are you have an Adidas Originals tee or a pair of Converse Chucks in your wardrobe. So, you’re half way there – now all you need is the board. Try going for a brand that has colourful, exciting graphics and is customisable. That way you can find the perfect board to match your style. 

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