Stressed? You need to try this ‘on the go’ meditation pod

That’s right – zen in a big box

if you work in an office

That’s right – zen in a big box

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

The weekend has come and gone, your workload is making you miserable, and the next opportunity to find the best brunch feels like a million miles away.

Welcome to Monday.

But before you start Googling the ‘best time of day to start a new job’, we have some news that might be of interest...

There’s a new way to banish stress during the week.

Enter, the meditation pod.

meditation post

If you’re looking for a quick injection of zen to alleviate the pressures of your 9 to 5, this new way of kicking back could be the answer.

Inhere have launched meditation pods for time-poor city dwellers, offering ‘on the go’ sessions. They boast a selection of 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute guided meditations, but if that’s not quite your thing you can also chose from a variety of calming sounds from oceans waves to forest rain.

Users are encouraged to sit, lounge or lay fully horizontal, place the headset on and ‘ease the mind from thoughts of stress or anxiety.’

meditation pod

Inhere said: "With mental health issues on the rise and busy workers striving for more of an equal work life balance, this partnership comes at a very opportune time, and will offer busy Londoners a haven from the bustle of the daily grind and a time to relax, unwind and reflect."

The first pod has arrived in London, and will be located at the popular co-working space, Uncommon Borough, from the 16th October.

Brb, podding ourselves calm.

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