Our third annual Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards are here - and we can't wait to welcome your entries

The wait is over - it's time to celebrate eco-friendly businesses.

Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

You'll likely know by now that we're passionate about sustainability here at Marie Claire UK

We won a British Society of Magazine Editors award last year for our work on sustainability and report on everything from intersectional environmentalism, to the best B Corp brands to shop, to the positive sustainable Tiktok trends.

While we've long championed brands, organisations, and products that are genuinely implementing change and building a better tomorrow, shining a light on sustainable innovation, now more than ever, learning how to live more sustainably is of vital importance. 

That's why we pride ourselves on our annual Sustainability Awards, designed to connect you with some of the best brands in the business who are genuinely doing their bit to build a better tomorrow.

The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023 are here

We're delighted to announce that the awards are now open - designed to celebrate brands, organisations, and products with purpose.

A bit of background for you: here at Marie Claire UK, we’ve been encouraging conscious consumption for over three decades, long championing buying quality over quantity, reusing, and recycling - which is why we’re so keen to shout about the brands who share the same values.

Enter the third annual Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023 here

Why are the awards so important? Well, sustainability, while central to building a better tomorrow, is only getting more difficult to decipher as more and more companies greenwash. Our aim is simple: to commend the businesses going above and beyond to prioritise both people and planet, companies showing sustainable innovation in their products and services, and brands holding themselves accountable in their business operations.

Editor-in-Chief Andrea Thompson says: "I’m delighted to announce the launch of our third annual Sustainability Awards, a celebration of the brands, organisations, and products implementing positive changes to tackle climate change."

"At Marie Claire UK, we’ve been encouraging conscious consumption for over 35 years, long championing buying quality over quantity, reusing, and recycling and supporting brands who do the same."

Sustainability Editor Ally Head adds: "We want to champion companies that not only show sustainable innovation in their products and services, but also hold themselves accountable in their business operations. We can't wait to see your entries."

Our third annual iteration of the awards looks set to be bigger and better than ever, with a new entry process taking extra steps to assess both the social and sustainable practices of each entry. We've partnered with sustainability advisory Seismic to support us in reviewing entries and judging the winners too. We selected Seismic as our sustainability partner because of their extensive understanding of impact across a range of sectors and business models. Seismic is an international team of experts on a mission to help businesses become increasingly impactful forces for good. They bring together B Corp experts, Net Zero advisors and sustainability strategists to help businesses lead the shift.

All businesses will be asked to supply evidence to back up all sustainability claims, and all claims will be thoroughly reviewed and validated. We do this so that we can credibly celebrate the innovations that will drive real change.

If you’re addressing human rights in your supply chain, promoting circularity in the life cycle of your products, reducing or reusing water, packaging or food waste, accessing underserved populations or rethinking environmental behaviours and sustainability challenges, we want to hear from you. There are categories spanning fashion, beauty, health & wellness, food & drink, travel & leisure, homes & lifestyle, motors and a new addition for 2023, tech.

Not only that, but all entries will be reviewed by a guest panel of over 50 of the most high-profile sustainability experts, company founders, thought leaders, consultants and activists in the business.

Your need-to-knows: 

Watch the video below or click the headings below to scroll through this year's categories in more detail:

Winners are selected by an award-winning judging panel of 50+ of the world's leading sustainability experts, activists, and the Marie Claire UK editorial team, alongside B Corp experts, Net Zero advisors and sustainability strategists from Seismic.

Entries will close on Thursday 27 April 2023.

An insight into last year's awards...

Never one to avoid practicing what we preach – or shy away from making history – both of Marie Claire UK’s inaugural Sustainability Awards have been carbon-neutral awards ceremonies. (That's right - even virtual events generate a carbon footprint.)

Partnering with Nula Carbon, a mangrove tree was planted for every one of our attendees, offsetting our carbon emissions.

See who won in 2022 here and watch some of our past judges below.

Ready to celebrate the editor – and expert-approved – brands going that extra mile in working towards a more sustainable future for our planet? So are we – because we truly believe that we can all #StartSomewhere by making better individual choices that can kick-start meaningful, collective change.

Sustainability awards 2023

Ally Head
Senior Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor

Ally Head is Marie Claire UK's Senior Health, Sustainability, and Relationships Editor, nine-time marathoner, and Boston Qualifying runner. Day-to-day, she works across site strategy, features, and e-commerce, reporting on the latest health updates, writing the must-read health and wellness content, and rounding up the genuinely sustainable and squat-proof gym leggings worth *adding to basket*. She's won a BSME for her sustainability work, regularly hosts panels and presents for events like the Sustainability Awards, and is a stickler for a strong stat, too, seeing over nine million total impressions on the January 2023 Wellness Issue she oversaw. Follow Ally on Instagram for more or get in touch.