Turns out straight women are having the worst sex out there

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    Let’s talk about them.

    We already know that orgasms feel so good so why would we deprive ourselves of them during any sexual encounter, let alone every sexual encounter?

    Well, it turns out that straight women are the demographic that’s having the worst sex right now.

    Yep, you may want to look away now – or more helpfully, start looking into buying some of the best sex toys – as it’s not looking good if you’re in that group.

    According to a study by Indiana University, Chapman University and the Kinsey Institute, straight women are the demographic group that are least likely to be orgasming during sex, saying that they orgasm only 65% of the time while straight men climax 95% of the time.

    Why, you ask? Because you’re too shy to say what you really want and need, apparently And, it also seems to have a correlation with female oral sex frequency in heterosexual couples. Straight men are reportedly just not doing it enough.

    Excuse the pun gentlemen, but it’s time to get down.

    So while 75% of heterosexual men state that they orgasm every time, only 33% of straight women admitted to orgasming every time they have sex, compared to 86% of lesbian women and 66% of bisexual women.

    So there you have it, we already have the gender pay gap and now we have the orgasm gap. But, don’t forget that some women find it scientifically impossible to orgasm during sex so we’re not bashing all couples’ bedroom pursuits.

    But, we think you’d agree that right about now seems like the best time to invest in some self-love – or orgasmic meditation – and to finally and openly admit to your partner what you really need sexually to go over that edge…

    Think of this as a PSA campaigning even further for women’s equality. (Orgasms for all!)

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