Shetland is having a sunnier summer than Cornwall

*Books staycation immediately*

(Image credit: Images/UIG/REX/Shutterstock)

*Books staycation immediately*

August may be upon us but it sort of feels more like autumn, huh? With a heap of unimpressed Brits talking about (yes, you guessed it) the weather, it's no surprise that making headlines on the BBC today is the fact that Cornwall isn't the sunniest place in the UK this year. It's actually Shetland.

Having experienced flash floods in Coverack, Cornwall has had more intense rain than sunshine this season and it seems that staycationers should head towards St Ninian's Isle in Shetland instead.

It doesn't make logistical sense considering The Shetland Islands are over 700 miles further north than Cornwall but that's how the cookie is crumbling this year.

And, it's only the eighth time Shetland has been this sunny since weather records started in 1929.

In July, areas around Shetland enjoyed 192.9 hours of sunshine in total, compared to 153.5 hours in Cornwall. Considering that this July had 22% more rain than usual in the UK, that's a pretty big feat.

Before you call this news boring, just know that even climate scientists are calling this 'remarkable' and are calling last month a 'significant event' so there you go, there's some dinner party fodder for y'all.

Delphine Chui