This is the UK city that owns the most sex toys apparently

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  • Would you have guessed?

    It’s fair to say that we probably don’t shout about our bedroom antics, but wouldn’t you love if it you secretly knew about other other people’s sex lives? Now, imagine if you could actually know how many sex toys your average person had in their bedside drawer?

    Yes, it’s beyond nosy but you’d want to know right?

    Well, vibrator brand O-WAND®, who make sex toys for women, have revealed the top UK cities where people have admitted to owning sex toys and we couldn’t help but look at the results.

    The national average of people who own a sex toy may be 48% but 71% of respondents from Belfast admitted to owning one with 57% of women in Edinburgh and 47% in Glasgow. Liverpool came out last with only 39% of respondents claiming they owned one. (Liverpudlians clearly haven’t seen our round-up of the best sex toys, then.)

    Of those who did own sex toys (and admitted it), a third in Belfast said they owned at least two vibrators while three per cent had five or more. Out of the participants, more than half of British women claimed they got more satisfaction with their toy than with their partner – and men admitted to masturbating three or more times a week while women masturbated twice a week on average.

    33% of women said they masturbate with a sex toy while 1 in 8 men admitted to using one during their time of self-love.

    The top six cities in the UK for owning a sex toy

    1.    Belfast – 71 per cent

    2.    Sheffield – 68 per cent

    3.    Plymouth – 60 per cent

    4.    Edinburgh – 57 per cent

    5.    Leeds – 56 per cent

    6.    Bristol – 56 per cent

    The bottom three cities in the UK for owning a sex toy:

    15.  London – 40 per cent

    16.  Newcastle – 40 per cent

    17.  Liverpool – 39 per cent

    The regional UK table for owning a sex toy:

    1.    Northern Ireland – 71 per cent

    2.    Yorkshire – 62 per cent

    3.    South West – 57 per cent

    4.    West Midlands – 54 per cent

    5.    Scotland – 53 per cent

    6.    East Midlands – 48 per cent

    7.    Wales – 48 per cent

    8.    South East – 44 per cent

    9.    North East – 43 per cent

    10.    North West – 40 per cent

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