What we learned from the Great British sex survey

It might surprise you...

It might surprise you...

What's your number?

Although you probably don't want to answer that, you'd be lying if you didn't admit you're curious to know other people's, right?!

We all love to delve into other people's sex lives and to know things like where the most adulterous cities are and the area of the UK that is having most sex.

So when makeyourswitch.co.uk surveyed 1,200 people around the UK, the results showcased everything from regional variations to young and old people's changing attitudes towards sex.

Considering we've already found out why it's more likely that women in long term relationships fake orgasms more than single women and how to find out how many people you've indirectly slept with using this sexual partners calculator, we were curious.

Did you expect that one in ten Londoners between the ages of 16-24 haven't had sex at all? Or that 56% of men would give up sex forever in exchange for £1 million? Be ready to be surprised (and downright shocked) by some of these stats.

The Great British Sex Survey

56% of men would give up sex for life for £1m

20% of 16-24 year olds have never had sex

18% of men have had a threesome

1 in 3 respondents in Norwich claim to have slept between 10-19 people

Over a fifth of people in Belfast have had a threesome

14% of people in Belfast said they've slept with 20 partners or more

15 sexual partners was the average for people in the Northern Irish capital

12% of Belfast residents claimed to have had sex on public transport

Bristol residents had the least sexual partners with an average of five and only 2% admitted to having a threesome

10% of Cardiff residents admitted to having sex on public transport and 2% even said they'd had sex at a funeral (um.)

So, there you go, it seems that where you live does have an impact on your sex life.

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