These are apparently the most adulterous towns and cities in the UK

Do you live in one of them?

adultery cities

Do you live in one of them?

Britain’s most adulterous towns and cities have officially been revealed, and everyone’s dying to find out their area’s ranking.

The Official Infidelity Index ranked British towns by percentage of the population that were having an affair, and the results were pretty revealing.

Royal Tunbridge Wells emerged as the most adulterous town, with 2.20% of the town’s population admitting to cheating – that’s a whopping 1146 people. Also in the top five adulterous towns were Guildford, Wrexham, Maidenhead and Ashford.

Taunton wasn’t far behind, coming in sixth place, with 1.84% of the town’s population engaging in an affair, shortly followed by High Wycombe, Livingston, Beeston and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

adultery cities

The Official Infidelity Index was released by Illicit Affairs, the UK’s leading website for married people.

The site also recently revealed the most likely day of the year for people to cheat on their partners (it’s 18th November FYI) and news on when people are most likely to cheat on their partners also emerged recently, with men found most likely to stray aged 55 and women aged 45.

‘People have had affairs since the dawn of time, but the last decade in particular has seen a large spike,’ announced Christian Grant from Illicit Affairs. ‘The site has grown exponentially, and it’s thanks to the turbulent economy and increase in house prices that has left many people financially crippled, unable to divorce should their marriage hit the rocks.’ He continued: ‘So, they seek the only other viable alternative that they have: an affair. It’s cheaper than a divorce, and it’s safer than ever before.’

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound too great to us.

Jenny Proudfoot
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