The Little Rooster is the vibrating alarm clock that promises to wake you up with an orgasm

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  • Unsurprisingly, it’s currently sold out.

    Is there anything more painful and soul destroying than the shrieking sound of your alarm clock going off at 6:30am, informing you that it’s the start of another new day and it’s high time you got up and faced it?

    Well, mornings are about to get a whole lot better thanks the invention on the Little Rooster – the vibrating alarm clock that promises to wake you up with a smile (and more).

    You simply have to choose what time you would like to be aroused (quite literally) and then pop the Little Rooster in your pants (bad news if you sleep naked) and look forward to what the morning will bring.

    Those heavier sleepers out there need not worry about missing their wake up call either, as there are over 27 settings to choose from. All you need to do is work out what one is right for you.

    The Little Rooster is designed to start vibrating at your requested wake up time, with the intensity of vibrations building over a five minute period. ‘You wake slowly. Sexually. Pleasurably,’ promises the website.

    The alarm also includes a ‘snooze’ feature for those who fancy a little longer under the covers, and comes with a travel lock to avoid any awkward questions at customs.

    The Little Rooster will set you back a good £69.99 and is currently sold out worldwide (to nobody’s surprise), with the next batch due in October.

    Inventor Tony Maggs originally tried to crowd fund for a similar product called the Dream Rooster, which was designed to vibrate whilst you slept in order to stimulate erotic dreams. Somewhat unsurprisingly he failed to meet reach the funding target, and thus the Little Rooster was born.

    Tony is now also currently developing a Little Rooster for men, but we’ll leave it up to your imaginations as to how that one will work.

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