7 Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine's Day

And the best bit is, none of them involve leaving the house

single valentines
single valentines
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And the best bit is, none of them involve leaving the house

We all know Valentine's Day is deeply unpleasant if you’re single - that’s a given.

And sure, the best thing to do is to strut down the high street like the amazing, empowered woman you are, smiling at happy couples in the name of karma and remembering all the wonderful reasons your life is magical in other ways.

But sometimes you just can’t face it. And we hear you ladies. We've also rounded up the best responses to fire back at your friends with if you're single this Valentine's - so we've got you covered in that respect, too.

However sitting in bed, scrolling through vomit-inducing Instagram pics probably isn’t great for you either. So here are seven practical suggestions for what to do with the day. PJs optional.

1. Play your most embarrassing music Don’t pretend you haven’t got some dodgy tunes lurking on your Spotify account. Turn up Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers’ much under-rated duet, Out of Your Mind (if you’ve got worse than that we applaud you) and dance around your flat in your sexiest heels. Endorphine overload.

2. Sort your life out Why not channel the V Day frustration into something useful. Did you buy a gym membership in January only to give the place a wide berth all month? Then cancel it. Emails to reply to? Clear your inbox. Trust us, you’ll feel much better on Monday.

3. Learn to cook How many recipe books have you got? How many times did you have pasta last week? Find something you like, stock up on ingredients and go for it. The more ambitious the better.

4. Host Gal-entines Day a la Parks and Rec’s Leslie Knope Leslie is the Queen of events and we reckon she had the right idea on this one. Invite your single ladies round for gossip, pancakes and declarations of friendship. Best Sunday ever.

5. Join a dating website If the relationship thing is really bothering you then do something about it. Stop being scared of writing the profile – all of them are pretty cringey anyway – sign up and get flirting.

6. Sort out your wardrobe It’s womankind’s biggest first world problem: too many clothes, not enough wardrobe space. Have a clear out – you’ll discover loads of nice tops you forgot you had and you’ve got the perfect excuse to finish the day with some online shopping.

7. Have some one on one time with your goodie drawer If it’s good enough for Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, it’s good enough for us. And then you can imagine you’re spending Valentines’ Day with Leo/Idris/Cumberbatch anyway. Win. And even if you ignore all these suggestions definitely DO NOT spend the day crying into a vat of Ben and Jerry’s/feeling bad about yourself/searching the Internet for traces of your ex. It’s just one day and you’re fabulous. We promise.

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