This is the real reason men burn more calories during sex

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  • And the actual number of calories that sex burns

    Did you know that sex burns 200 calories an hour for a man? Yes, this is the equivalent of an hour of intense yoga.

    But sadly, gender inequality comes into play again as women only burn 138 calories an hour during sex – which is around the same energy you expend on casually walking a dog.


    So, why is this?

    Statistically, men tend to be more active during sex (expending 44% more energy) than women which is the obvious answer – and we guess, fair – but it’s actually not just that.

    Results from a survey by health and wellbeing brand Forza Supplements, has concluded that men’s calorie burning effectiveness comes from the fact that men tend to do more calorie-burning sports, like boxing and squash, in general.

    Most calorie burning sports


    Boxing burns more calories than any other sport, burning 800 calories an hour in the ring.


    Squash burns around 748 calories an hour.


    Rowing burns around 440 calories an hour (at the gym or in real life.)

    Road running

    Road running burns around 700 calories an hour while you only burn around 580 calories on a treadmill


    Swimming burns 680 calories an hour, although breast stroke burns only around 408 calories.


    Rugby burns 614 calories an hour.

    Fast road cycling

    Fast road cycling burns 604 calories an hour.


    Cardio burns up to 590 calories an hour.


    Lifting weights burn 380 calories an hour.


    Hockey burns 478 calories an hour.


    Basketball burns 475 calories an hour.


    Playing tennis burns 470 calories an hour.


    Cricket burns 272 calories an hour.


    Golf burns 236 calories an hour.

    Table tennis

    Table tennis burns 204 calories an hour.

    Standing up

    Standing up burns 20 calories an hour (we just thought we’d put this one in there for ya.)

    Snorkelling at the beach

    And since it’s summer, we thought we’d include this one too. Snorkelling burns 274 calories an hour.

    And you’ll be pleased to hear that you burn 86 calories shopping, 88 calories washing the dishes and 35 calories having a bath and 34 calories typing so there you go.

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