Proposal Video: Watch What Happens To This Man’s Heart Rate When He Gets Down On One Knee

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  • It’s not just any kind of proposal video. Oh no, this is a scientifically-approved, medically-supported proposal video. And now if you’ll excuse us, there’s something in our eyes…

    You know that fitbit that you got for Christmas? The one you wore on the bus to work for three weeks in a row, before going home to do 800 laps around the kitchen in an attempt to hit your target number of steps before bedtime? The one that’s currently collecting dust on top of your bookshelf / at the bottom of your laundry bin? Well, we’ve found a new use for it.

    Tracking nervous men.

    Yep, a guy in America used a Sports Tracker hrm2 to track his heart rate while he proposed to his girlfriend (while getting increasingly sweaty-palmed and stressed) – before turning the 40 minutes of jittery data into a 90 second-long proposal video. And it’s probably the most sentimental piece of science we’ve ever seen.

    The man, who goes under the Reddit username ‘sesipikai’, took his girlfriend to Rome for a romantic break last year. After wandering around the Coliseum, the couple bought an ice cream and headed into the Roman Forum.

    He’d measured his heart rate beforehand in the office, and reckoned it was ‘about 60ish’, but after walking around all day, and thinking over what he was going to say to his girlfriend, it began to rise.

    ‘I was so afraid of losing the ring,’ he explains. ‘[I] had my hand inside my pocket most of the day… That ring burns your pocket like there’s no tomorrow.’

    The pair bought an ice cream – at which point his heart rate began to soar. He bent his knee, realized there was no going back, and it peaked at 125bpm. “I didn’t start with the question, had a little speech planned, might have forgotten a couple of lines though,” he recalls.

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