Your partner is more likely to cheat on this day of the year

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  • Oh good.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Studies have shown that people are more likely to cheat when they get to this age, and that this time of day is usually reserved for an inappropriate sext to someone who isn’t your OH. And if that’s not enough to strike fear into your heart that you’re being cheated on constantly, there’s also the fact that someone’s name predicts their polyamorous tendencies – just as a heads up.

    But to make things easier, there’s now one day a year that people admit to cheating on their spouses. So you can lump all your rejection and adultery fears into one day and allow yourself to sit back on the other 364.

    According to, a website created for those who are actively looking to cheat on their partner, Friday 21st July is peak time to be unfaithful. Also dubbed ‘Frisky Friday’ (just – wow), they are predicting a 65% rise of clientele looking to do the dirty – making it the busiest single day of the year for an affair.

    The website asked 300 members about their unfaithfulness, with 75% admitting they were going to stay in touch with their lovers while on holiday, and 20% scheduling in a meet-up when they got home. Lovely.

    Christian Grant, a spokesperson for the website, said: ‘While many of us long for the summer – the longer evenings, clear skies and generally upbeat atmosphere – the hidden truth is that it’s the season that’s ripe for adultery.

    ‘Combine the feeling of a summer’s day, the fact that we’re spending more of our evenings socialising, and with all of us having plenty more skin on show, and you’ve got a potent cocktail that lays the foundations for cheating; it’s something that even the most loyal among us find hard to resist.’

    But it’s not all plain sailing for those unfaithful individuals with children, apparently.

    ‘For adulterers who are already in long-term affairs, the summer poses a different problem. Their children are home from school, and with a summer holiday on the horizon, meeting up with their mistress becomes tricky,’ Grant says.

    ‘So, the final week of the summer term sees adulterers meet up for what could be one last fling before September comes around.’

    Selfish kids, eh.

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