This is the time your partner is most likely to be contacting their mistress

As if Monday mornings could get more depressing

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As if Monday mornings could get more depressing

Being in a relationship where you suspect your partner may be having an affair is awful. There's no way around that. And, you'd be forgiven for Googling for answers like signs he's cheating or when your partner is most likely to cheat.

And, although honesty and transparency is the key thing in uncovering this issue, Illicit Encounters have also revealed the hour when a person is most likely to contact the person they're cheating with.

Apparently it tends to be Monday mornings between 8-9AM (during their commute) after a weekend of silence.

The research showed that over 100,000 messages were being sent between this time which was triple the amount sent during any other time.

The least popular time for contact between cheaters were on Saturday mornings and the second most popular was on a Friday between 9-10PM.

This whole thing makes us shudder if we're honest but there you go.

Delphine Chui