Can your personality determine the sex of your baby?

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  • This might be better than your average old wives' tale

    There are countless old wives’ tales for predicting the sex of your baby, from the ring test (tie a ring to a string and hover over your belly, if it swings side to side it’s a boy, if it goes round, it’s a girl), to how you carry your belly (high for a girl, low for a boy).

    But it turns out there could be something a little more accurate if you want to find out what you’re having – before the even more accurate mid-pregnancy scan that is.

    According to a new series of studies by reproductive scientist Dr. Valerie Grant, your personality traits could determine the sex of your baby.

    We know that this is originally determined by the sperm, which carries the gender chromosome, however the research found that female eggs are predisposed to accept only its preferred chromosome from the sperm.

    That choice is linked to the mother’s personality and hormones. The findings suggest that women with more dominant personalities have a higher level of testosterone than average and are more likely to produce boys.

    On the other hand, women with a more passive personality and lower levels of testosterone were found to be more likely to have girls.

    Still sceptical? Dr. Grant found that based on this research, she successfully predicted the gender of 80% of women’s babies, before they were even pregnant.

    She asked them about their personalities, using 64 words, and if eight of those or more denoted dominance, she found they were more likely to have sons.

    Obviously this isn’t foolproof as there are other factors that could affect testosterone levels, such as age, environment and menstrual cycles.

    Plus, it doesn’t explain how a women can have a boy and then a girl, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Plus it saves you doing the ring test.


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