Are these personality traits holding you back in your career?

Are you guilty of them?

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Are you guilty of them?

The work place is a strange one to navigate. If it isn't trying to figure out social boundaries with your colleagues (although, let's admit it, we pretty much tell them everything,) it's wondering if we should discuss our salary at work and when is it ok to ask for a promotion?

It's a minefield.

So, it definitely gaining those career skills that will futureproof yourself at work might be something to think of, especially if you can sometimes be chaotic, under confident or struggle to connect with others.

According to The Guardian, confidence, time management and social skills are the character traits that might be affecting your career progression.

Imposter syndrome is the first thing you need to tackle. Any self-doubt is only going to hurt you so start believing that you are in the job you worked hard for and put that into practice.

And, if you're struggling with time management, you need to make to do lists your best friend (in priority order to avoid procrastination) and block out quiet times when you can arrange this in peace. Also, it's worth knowing when your most productive time is and using that time to get your most important work done.

Lastly, it doesn't matter if you're an extrovert or an introvert at work. In fact, it doesn't even matter whether or not you're charismatic but what does affect your chances to move forward in your career is your ability to relate to other people in a way that makes them feel connected and influenced.

How do you do this? Keep a keen interest in others and learn how they like to be communicated with as this could be over e-mail or on Slack or in person.

Now, take these newfound learnings and get ready to smash that glass ceiling, yeah?

Delphine Chui