Lovehoney Love Egg review: “I'm a sex expert - why this is one of the best sex toys for couples I've tried"

Looking to try something new? An incognito sex toy may be for you...

Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator Review

Looking to try something new? An incognito sex toy may be for you...

Ever heard of a hands-free wearable sex toy? Well, you have now. Thought to be one of the best sex toys currently on the market, the remote-controlled devices allow you all the thrill of an orgasm without any of the hands-on requirements. The Lovehoney Love Egg has some of the best reviews of the lot - which is why, as Marie Claire UK's resident sex expert, I've been trying it for you.

Keen to learn more about the toy? Your need-to-knows: it's a remote-controlled toy that means you can satisfy yourself without using your hands - not to mention the added bonus of your lover being able to control the vibrations from a distance. Hot? Check. A great way to add both excitement and spontaneity to your erotic play? Double check.

Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator pros:

  • Can be worn vaginally handsfree
  • Remote controlled
  • One of the best sex toys for couples
  • Ten vibration patterns
  • Can be controlled from a distance
  • Great for foreplay.

Lovehoney Love Egg Vibrator cons:

  • Battery powered
  • Must be used in the same room
  • Not very strong
  • Pull cord can be uncomfortable
  • Batteries don’t last long
  • Can pop out if you sneeze.

A bit about me: my name's Ness Cooper and I'm a sexologist and sex coach with over ten years of experience. Fun fact for you: public sex-ploration is the most common sexual fantasy that I'm asked about.

Over the years I’ve tested and reviewed countless vibrating love eggs, all in the name of sex science. While on my quest to find the best ones out there, I've really deciphered what makes a successful remote-controlled vibrating egg and what, well, doesn’t.

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Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator, £19.99, | Lovehoney

Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator, £19.99, | Lovehoney

Lovehoney Love Egg review: “Here's why it's one of my go-to couples toys for spicing up your sex life”

How to use the Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator and how it was

Sharing a secret with someone can be exciting - especially if it's sexual and you have to act subtly. Picture the scene, then: you're in public with your partner and they have total control over the vibrating sex toy in your knickers.

An erotic secret can add heat, anticipation, and spontaneity to any sex life, as can using sex toys in public with a partner. It demonstrates a special kind of trust and vulnerability, and when you find the right person for such adventures, it can be mega hot.

That's where my Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator review comes in. I've been testing the egg for Marie Claire UK and, when I first put it in vaginally, it rested comfortably against my G-spot. As my partner played with the remote, the tingling vibrations turned me on a lot, putting me in a very playful mood.

We tested the egg in a public place, but when we got home an hour or so later, we had great sex. 

While the Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator wasn’t strong enough to make me orgasm on its own, it was very fun to play with during couples play on the clit, nipples and more. That, in my opinion, makes it stand out as one of the best couples vibrators I’ve tried.

Using it alongside other toys to tease my body externally worked a treat (my recomendation to try alongside is the Lovehoney Magic Wand). Alternating both over my clitoris led to an extremely delicious and intense orgasm.

Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

A photo of the Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator, photographed by Ness

Special features 

The Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator can be controlled with or without the remote - FYI, there's a control button on the egg itself. This is unlike other love eggs I've tried before, where only the remote can control the vibrations or turn the toy off.

One thing to note - I found the Love Egg worked best when you kept the remote in the same room as it, or in close enough proximity. When out and about, I found that, in very crowded areas, the egg didn’t always respond to the remote. I'd recommend aiming for dinner table apart if you're keen to use in public.

I found that the shape of the egg allows you to hold it easily and use it to tease your external erogenous zones like your clit or nipples. Plus, the loop cord is longer than other alternatives, making it easy to loop over your fingers and as a result difficult to drop the vibrator when playing (which wouldn't be ideal).

How to keep it maintained and clean

Cleaning the egg itself isn’t difficult as it’s waterproof - read all about how to clean your sex toys safely, here.

That said, the remote should only be cleaned with a damp cloth as water can get in through the buttons.

I found that during storage if the Lovehoney Love Egg vibrators' batteries are left in, they'll drain away, so do make sure you always remove them when storing to avoid disappointment.

About the Lovehoney brand

Lovehoney is an online sex toy retailer which won The Queen’s Award For Enterprise International Trade in 2021 - which means that sex toys such as the Lovehoney Love Egg vibrator come with the Royal-seal of approval.

Should I buy it?

If you want to take things out of the bedroom and add some spontaneity to your partnered play, then as my Lovehoney Love Egg review shows, it's s great toy for exploring your sexual fantasies.

Ness Cooper

Ness Cooper is a Sex and Relationship Expert and Writer. She’s been a freelance writer for over 10 years, knowledgeable in all areas of human sexuality and has a special interest in sex toys and tech.

Ness has been nominated for many awards during her career. From ETO’s Best Erotic Journalist, to Best Sexologist at the 2022 Sexual freedom Awards.

Her first published pieces were theatre reviews, written for her local paper when she was 13. I think we can all agree that she now reviews more fun items.

Not only does she write down-to-earth sex and relationship articles, she tests sex toys, including prototypes. She knows what works and what doesn’t with sex tech and sexual pleasure!

Ness is always training and trying to expand her skills. This has led her to train in Pelvic Floor Biomechanics and Pilates. Her pursuit of knowledge has also taken her to the Kinsey Institute in the US, where she studied human sexuality.

With a background in sex and relationship therapy, coaching, and education, she’s one of the UK’s leading Sex and Relationship Coaches and Sexologists. She helps people to find their authentic sexuality and sexual happiness and teaches Sexology to other human sexuality professionals.

Ness also offers 1-2-1 coaching and group sessions.