What kind of friend are you?

Mavericks, let's hit the town

friend personality types
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Mavericks, let's hit the town

Words by Megan C. Hills

We’ve all done a personality test at some point in our lives (fellow INFPs, I’m here for you) and now there’s a new way to figure out what kind of friend you are. Apparently, there are eight different types of personality archetypes ranging from the life of the party to the penny pincher - and there’s a study to back it all up.

While there's been a lot of interest in sex studies at the moment, OnePoll put friendship groups to the test and surveyed 2000 people in the UK about their mates and their personalities. See if you can spot yourself in the types of friends below.

friend personality types

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Friend Personality Types

The Organiser

The friend who’s always planning the next big dinner for the group or rallying the troops for a big night out. They plan everything down to the last detail and always have a birthday party strategy in their back pocket.

The Motivator

This is the person who’s going to drag you kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone, whether that be exploring an art installation in an abandoned building or trying that bizarre thing on the menu.

The Oracle

This person knows everything and has probably done everything. They’re the person you come to when you need an incredible date restaurant that nobody else knows about or need some travel tips on that obscure place you’ve been dying to travel to.

The Elephant

Not a comment on you or your friend’s appearance – if you’re an elephant, then you’ve got everything burned into your memory: wedding anniversaries, birthdays, little kindnesses. That said, you’ll also probably remember that one horrible thing Anna did to you four years ago until the day you die.

friend personality types

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The Maverick

The Maverick is the disco ball of every friendship group, bringing fun and joy with them wherever they go. They’re the person you’re going to want to tear up the dance floor with, but they’re going to be a little flaky and probably not the most reliable person in your group.

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The Scrooge

Both a blessing and a curse, the Scrooge is the person you’re going to want to hand the bill to at the end of the night to divide everything to the very last penny. They’re incredible money-conscious and if they ever shell out for a round of drinks, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle.

Steady Eddie (or Edwina)

A Steady Eddie is the first person you’re going to call when things go wrong. No matter what, they’ve got your back no matter what happens and will always be ready to brighten up your day with a hug.

The study found that every friendship group has at least one to two of each personality type in their core circle. It also discovered that the average adult has 40 friends which include two best friends, four close friends, five work friends and fifteen acquaintances.

Sarah Davis from HF Holidays, the company that commissioned the study, said, ‘For many of us, our circle of friends will contain a wide range of personalities – life would be boring if everyone was the same.’

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