Hold On, What’s ‘Fidelity Dating’?

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  • If you had the option of only dating people who you knew categorically wouldn't cheat on you, would you go for it?

    Hands up who’s been cheated on over the course of their lifetimes?

    And you?
    And oh God, not you too?

    Actually, that’s not all that surprising. According to recent statistics, up to 80 per cent of us will be the victims of infidelity at some point in our adult lives (‘adult’ being the operative word here. We know it was painful when your Year Eight boyfriend snogged that girl in the year below in the school stationery cupboard, but to be honest you really need to get over it). Meaning that up to 80 per cent of us know just how important it is to be with somebody who you can trust.

    But apparently finding them is a whole different kettle of romantically challenged fish.

    Or at least, it was until now. Yep, just weeks after thousands of Ashley Madison subscribers had their privacy compromised and released online, two victims of cheating partners have decided to launch ‘Fidelity Dating’ – a site for other men and women who have been betrayed by their partners in the past.

    Gary Spivek, a 45-year-old former financial advisor from New Jersey is one of the founders. He was devastated when he caught his girlfriend hooking up with another guy ten years ago.

    ‘I was dating a woman for several years and she started acting a little different,’ he recalls in an interview with the Mirror.

    ‘She would go out more, drink more, and dress up more. I had my suspicions and finally found a receipt to a motel in her purse.’

    He drove down there, and caught his ex in the act. And while he’s since moved on and got married, he says the events had a long lasting impact on his mental health.

    And while Ashley Madison markets itself using the (now infamous) tagline, ‘Life Is Short – Have An Affair’, Fidelity Dating turns that on its head, advertising its services with ‘Love Is Precious – Stay Faithful’.

    Of course, as nice as it sounds, there’s still no guarantee that users of Fidelity Dating won’t cheat.

    There’s just the fact that you can make them feel really, really, really bad about themselves if they do.

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