The expert's dating app tips that will give you a stand-out profile in minutes

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Dating app profile tips for all of the matches

Hands up if your Sunday afternoons usually consist of a hangover, Ru Paul's Drag Race re-runs and a burning sensation in your index finger from swiping on dating apps? Same.

Finding the best sex apps or online dating sites is the easy part. Creating a profile that perfectly reflects your personality is where it gets tricky.

How do you define yourself in a limited number of characters and a handful of pictures?

If you're an avid swiper, you'll be able to point out all the things you don't like about other people's profiles (apparently the biggest dating app turn offs include mirror/gym selfies, emojis and making dirty jokes) but when it comes to creating your own match-making slide it's not all that easy.

Is it weird if all your pictures are selfies with your dog? Are dad jokes acceptable as a bio? And should you specify whether you're DTF or looking for the one?

When it comes to dating app profile tips, who better to turn to than the experts at Bumble, the female-first dating app that boasts 72 million registered users and 23 million matches per week.

According to the app, a good chunk of its users are distracting themselves from Monday Dread by searching for their next date on a Sunday evening (or during 7pm and 9pm during the week), so you can make sure you check in during peak times for maximum matches.

But before you start setting phone reminders to swipe, it's time to freshen up your digital first impression.

Louise Troen, VP of International Marketing and Communications, is here to guide you through making the most of your dating app profile...

Dating App Profile Tips

Tip 1: Photos focused on you are better for your profile.

'The intention should always be to show off who you are and to make a positive first impression. Better than selfies, solo photos (taken by others) and candids that showcase your personality or your passions and interests always work best.

'Your photos are all about showcasing areas of your actual life, especially the areas you’d like to share with someone. This way, you’ll feel confident when you meet up IRL.

'For example, if you get a haircut, show your new style in your profile.'

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Tip 2: Less is not more

'Don’t leave your profile blank! Use the words that best describe you as this is your opportunity to show off your amazing sense of humour and let your next potential match get to know a little bit about you. Everyone loves a funny, unique profile but one thing to avoid is putting in your bio what you aren’t looking for in another person.

'Telling someone else what you don’t like makes them more self-conscious, and more likely to swipe left. And for guys who are looking for a date, asking a question in your profile that a woman can answer as her first message to you is always a good idea.'

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Tip 3: Show off your special and most unique self

'Highlighting the hobbies you have is key to building a strong profile. Give specific examples or anecdotes that show your matches what sets you apart - lots of people are fun, outgoing, adventurous, love to travel, or enjoy being active, so make sure you let a potential match know you’re interested in others things as well.

'When swiping on Bumble, you can narrow down potential matches using the Bumble Filters tool which lets you connect with other who share similar interests. And finding someone that's into the same things you're into can make a new romance even more rewarding!'

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Tip 4: If you know, say what you're looking for.

'When it comes to describing what you’re looking for in a potential partner, the more specific the better! Forget about mentioning specific dating terms e.g. boyfriend/ girlfriend or general qualities like kindness or a sense of humour. It's understood most people are looking for those.

'Instead, write something more direct like, "Looking for someone who holds the door for me but who also lets me open the door for them."'

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Tip 5: Ask a trusted BFF for advice

'Sometimes we can be our own worst critics, and our friends (both men and women!) can help us see things we might miss. Ask them how they might describe you, or the things about you that stand out the most. Allow your closest confidantes to take a look at your camera roll or Instagram and help select some great photos, too. (It's been scientifically proven that letting someone else choose your profile photo results in more matches!)'

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So that's the insider's scoop.

A few minutes work for maximum matches and who knows? You might meet the one/a one/someone.

Happy dating!

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