Can you guess how many times the average Brit says sorry every day?

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  • There’s something really interesting about studies that analyse our habits and behaviours. For example, did you know that this is where the UK’s worst neighbours live? Or that these are the things that Brits most resent paying for?

    But have you ever wondered just how polite we are as a nation? You’re probably guilty of saying sorry at least once a day – whether it’s because you’ve genuinely done something wrong or because someone else has bumped into you. It’s a reflex reaction, right?

    You’ll be shocked when you realise just how many times a day we apologise.

    A new study commissioned by chocolate biscuit bar PiCKUP! found that 88% of us regularly say sorry for things that aren’t their fault, and the average Brit apologises eight times a day, amounting to 4,380 times a year.

    The research showed that 57% of us say sorry when someone bumps into them, and a third say it when asking a colleague to do something at work. Astonishingly, 7% of those involved in the study admitted that they apologised when someone else bumped or crashed into their car.

    And when we don’t say sorry, others are deeply offended. More than 8 out of 10 admit they’ve been furious when someone hasn’t apologised for something they’ve done wrong.

    But being too polite can be irritating to some, with 77% of Brits claiming that those who are too well-mannered are taken advantage of – and we’re not happy when it comes to queue hopping, with around 7 in 10 of us complaining if someone jumps the line.

    When it comes to pay rises, though, we’re less vocal with 77% of us unwilling to ask for more money at work.

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